Trade | How to read 1 12 bets and tips for playing bets from experts | Бүртгэл

Trade | How to read 1 12 bets and tips for playing bets from experts | Бүртгэл

Trade | How to read 1 12 bets and tips for playing bets from experts | Бүртгэл 150 150 wordpress automatic


Learn what the một một/2 handicap concept is at 91 club?
1 một/2 handicap is also known as một 1/2 handicap, một & a half handicap. On the bookmaker”s odds table, this type of bet often appears with the handicap symbol 1.5 in the Asian column. The bet of 1 and a half goals applies to matches with a large difference, the upper team must accept the lower đội nhóm by 1.5 goals. Specifically, how lớn read the một 1/2 bet will be as follows:

The final result is that the upper đội nhóm wins by 2 goals or more, for example 3-0, 3-1, 4-2, etc. The player who bets on the upper side wins the bet và receives the full amount according to the ratio. On the contrary, if you take the lower bet, you lose the bet.
In case the upper đội nhóm wins by only 1 goal difference, it draws or loses lớn the lower đội nhóm. Of course, the player who bets on the upper bet loses toàn bộ the money, the lower bet wins và receives the full amount.
Find out general information about the left và a half handicap

Example illustrating how lớn read một 1/2 odds
To help you have an overview and better understand how lớn read the 1 một/2 bet và deposit money to bet effectively, please refer lớn the typical example below:

The match takes place between Germany & Japan, players enter a handicap of 1.5 with the upper đội nhóm being Germany, the lower team being Japan. Bet amount of $100 & odds of 0.69 và 0.62 respectively:

In case the German favorite wins Japan by 2 goals or more, you bet on German favorite to win & receive the full amount: $100 + (0.69 x $100) = $169. On the contrary, the underdog loses the entire $100 bet.
If Germany beats Japan by only một goal, the bet will be a draw or lose. Of course, the player betting on the German odds loses the entire $100 bet, the Japanese bet wins & receives the full amount: $100 + (0.62 x $100) = $162.

Example illustrating how lớn read the 1 một/2 odds for a defensive bet

Revealing effective 1 một/2 odds reading experience from experts
To be sure of winning when reading the 1 một/2 bet, please refer to the great mẹo below:

Find out carefully information about the đội nhóm & the match
You should take the time to research information online to have objective assessments và accurate analysis of the two teams. That is important information such as: starting lineup, list of injured players, reserve players unable to participate in the match, history of recent encounters between the two teams, playing at home or away, Familiar competition tactics,…

You can refer lớn this information in newspapers & media. Note that you should look for official sites to avoid falling into traps, and have an accurate way lớn read một một/2 odds with a high winning rate.

Always thoroughly research toàn bộ relevant information about the đội nhóm

Bet smart – How to read important 1 1/2 odds
You need lớn keep in mind how lớn read the một một/2 bet, specifically as follows:

The ideal time lớn bet on the left & a half handicap is 15 – trăng tròn minutes before the match. This is both a time for bettors lớn evaluate the actual match và for the odds table to have stable changes.
If the bookie”s initial handicap on the odds table is 1.5, then reduce it to 1 goal. You should bet on the under, avoid betting on the over because there is a high possibility that it is a trap from the house.
The underdog team is the home đội nhóm và has a solid defense và good tactical plan. Players should bet on the underdog.
In case the upper team plays at home, the lower đội nhóm plays poorly & their performance is unstable. Of course, bettors should bet on the upper bet.
Choose a reputable bookmaker
An extremely important experience in reading 1 một/2 odds is that you should choose a reputable, quality bookmaker to bet on. That ensures accurate payout rates và capital safety. Because nowadays there are countless ghost bookmakers who spread bets, cheat, và interfere with the results. If you are unlucky enough to fall into these bookmakers, you will easily fall into the trap, lose money, và lose everything.

Choose a reputable bookmaker to have the best betting experience

Above is toàn bộ the important information on how to read 1 1/2 odds as well as effective betting experience from experts. We hope lớn help you flexibly apply the playing tips và bring yourself attractive rewards. Don”t forget lớn visit 91 club today lớn experience today”s top-notch betting playground!





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