Trade | How to play Blackjack dream99 card game | Бүртгэл

Trade | How to play Blackjack dream99 card game | Бүртгэл

Trade | How to play Blackjack dream99 card game | Бүртгэл 150 150 wordpress automatic

Introducing the Blackjack dream99 card game
Blackjack is an extremely attractive card game, this is also a popular game at many online card game portals, of which Dream99 is a typical example. This is because Blackjack is extremely simple to play. Besides, the reward that players receive from this card game is quite high.

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In fact, blackjack has a gameplay quite similar to the blackjack game in our country. However, because it is a card game that is sold online and takes the form of betting, its rules will have many changes. To compare this difference, you can learn about the game rules that I will mention below in the article.

Blackjack rules at Dream99
Deck of cards
Blackjack is a Western card game, so the deck of cards used to play Blackjack at Dream99 is a regular 52-card deck, of course this deck has 2 Poker cards omitted. However, a blackjack table at Dream99 card game portal will use 8 decks of cards instead of just 1 like other card games at this game portal. This is intended to increase fairness at each blackjack table to avoid players using card counting tricks.

Match table
Unlike other common Western card games, Blackjack will have different regulations on the number of players at a table. Specifically, each blackjack table will have from 1 to 5 players.

Currently, the card game portal Dream99 offers 7 types of tables to players. Each table will have a different table bet level. Depending on the amount of money in your account, find a suitable table for yourself. The value of these tables includes:

Bet level 500
Bet level 1K
Bet level 2K
Bet level 5K
Bet level 20K
Bet level 50K
Bet level 100K
Blackjack card game rules
After choosing a table to participate in. To start a game, the player must press ready. The computer system will then deal cards to all players present on the table. Accordingly, each player will be dealt 2 cards by the system. Then, based on the points of these two cards, the player will make different choices, these actions can be playing cards or drawing cards. When all players have finished making their actions, the dealer can start making actions.

The ultimate goal of the game is for the house to compare points with the house. Whichever side has the higher score will win. Especially if any player owns Blackjack, that person will win the game.

Score cards in Blackjack
The blackjack score will be calculated as follows

Cards from 2-10 will be counted with corresponding points.
The cards Tien J, Q, K will all be counted as 10 points.
Ace cards will count as 10 or 11 in case the player's hand has a maximum of 3 cards. However, it will only count as 1 point if it is in a set of 4 cards
Player and dealer choices
Family choices

Draw more cards (deck): Unlimited number of draws, as long as it does not exceed 21.

Stop loading: stop loading when you have 18 points or more

Bookmaker's options

Draw more cards (deck): Unlimited number of draws, as long as it does not exceed 21

Stop loading: stop loading when you have 17 points or more

Reviewing the player's hand: When the dealer's hand reaches 15 points, they can review the player's hand.

The player spends 50% of the bet to buy insurance in case the dealer's flipped card is an Ace. If the dealer gets Blackjack, the player will win x2 times the insurance amount. If the dealer does not have Blackjack, the player loses the insurance amount.

When it's the player's turn to draw cards, if the player buys Double, their bet will double, and the system will draw 1 additional card. After that, no matter the score, the player cannot withdraw any more.

Double bet
At the beginning of each match, players can place a double bet for themselves and the people sitting at the table, then the dealer will give 2 cards to the players who have bet. If 2 identical cards (pairs) are dealt, the Double bet player will win x10 of the bet (not counting the amount of the double bet). The double bet purchase amount will not exceed 100 times the bet level of the table.

Blackjack is an extremely attractive form of game that you should experience when participating in the card game portal Dream99. Hopefully through this article you can better understand how to play Blackjack. Good luck.





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